Sunday, December 11, 2011

Quick and dandy BusPirate breadboard connector

I have found that the probe kit that I had ordered from SeeedStudio with my BusPirate last year wasn't as useful as I had hoped. The quality of the the probe connectors wasn't great and having 10 probes in a bunch when all you need is 4 can be cumbersome. I can't complain – the probe kit was only $5.

I needed to check out a I2C temperature/humidity sensor with the BusPirate on a breadboard. So hacked this connector comprising a short length of 10 wire ribbon cable, a 5x2 IDE IDC connector to mate with the BusPirate IO header at one end and an IC socket at the other end.

The IC socket can then be plugged into the breadboard. I don't expect this connector to last forever, but it's certainly neater and easier to use than the probe kit.

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